Why are there weird <div>, <font>, or <p> codes appearing on my slides?

If you copy/paste text from another program (like Evernote) or a web page into a Haiku Deck slide, it's possible that you're also copying/pasting invisible formatting codes that can confuse our editor. Sometimes you won't see these codes in the editor, but you may notice them in the playback page or exported versions of your deck. They are often in brackets and look like <div> your words <\div>

Sometimes this problem is caused by using certain versions of Internet Explorer. Switch to Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser.

If that's not he cause, here are your options for addressing this problem.

Option 1:

Delete the text on the slide and retype it instead of using copy/paste

Option 2: 

  1. Open the slide that shows the <> code on it.
  2. Select and cut the entire text block from the slide (CTRL+X or Command+X)
  3. Open text editor like notepad
  4. Paste the text into text editor (CTRL+V or Command+V)
  5. Copy the text you just pasted (CTRL+C or Command+C)
  6. Return to Haiku Deck Editor and paste the text back into your slide

If you are making a deck that requires you to copy/paste lots of text, just use Option 2 below to first paste your text into a simple text editor before you copy/paste into the slide as this will strip out any rogue invisible codes.


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