Help! My Presentations Are Gone/Deleted!

Sometimes it appears that a user's presentations have been deleted, when in fact the user is just looking in the wrong place. The most common cause for lost presentations is that the user has more than one Haiku Deck accounts. The user creates a presentation in the first account, and then signs into the second account, expecting their presentation to be there. To find the right account, consider the steps below. If you still can't find your missing deck(s), please reach out to us so we can try to help you.

Did you check the capitalization of your user name? In Haiku Deck the user names are CasE-SEnsiTive. This means if you signed up as with a capital "N" and then sign up with the same email address in all lowercase it will create two unique accounts. Does changing the capitalization of your user name when you sign in resolve the issue?

Did you check social sign ins? Is it possible that you have an account that was created with the Facebook, Twitter, or Google sign-in buttons? When you sign up with these buttons, the accounts are unique. If you every use these buttons for signing up for things, try to sign out and sign in using one of those buttons. Do you see your missing presentation? 

Did you use a shared device? If you're using a shared computer or iPad, is it possible you were signed in under a different account when you created your deck? Think about other family members, colleagues, or classmates who may have been signed into our app or web site before you created your deck

Did you create on iPad/iPhone and not properly save to the cloud? When you create Haiku Decks on iOS, you need to give the app enough time to properly save your work from the device to the cloud. Try opening the iOS app and giving it time to synch. 

Can you find a link to your missing deck? Go to and search for your name and/or deck title. If you can find a link to your deck, send that with your request for an account lookup to us here at support and we'll be happy to help you find your account.

In very rare instances, edits made to presentations can fail to save either because of a network error or because work is overwritten.

To avoid changes you make from being overwritten, always make sure that your deck is open for editing in once place at a time.

  • Never have the same deck open for editing in multiple browser windows or multiple browser tabs. 
  • Never have the same deck open for editing in a browser and in either the iPad or iPhone app

As you work in the web app, be aware of the "saving changes" and "all changes saved" prompt that appears in the top center of the app. This is how you know that your changes are being saved properly to the server. If you ever make a change that isn't saving to the server, you can force a resave of your slides by changing the theme on your deck. After all of the slides save, you can change it back again to see your changes in playback mode.

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