Analytics FAQ

How can I get notified when a person views my decks?

In order to get notified by email that a specific person has viewed your deck, use the invitations tab on the analytics dashboard to create a unique link for that recipient. Using this unique invitation link is the only way you can track and be notified of a specific viewer's behavior. If you share a link to your deck via the standard sharing dialog from within Haiku Deck, data on the views will be capture in aggregate in the analytics dashboard, but you will not be notified nor can that data be attributed to a specific user.  

What if I want to revoke an invitation to view my deck?

Once you share an invitation link to your deck, the only way to 'revoke' that invitation is by making your deck private. Making your deck private will render any/all invitation links for that deck invalid.

What if someone shares the unique invitation link to my deck?

All activity related to an invitation link will be attributed to that link, regardless of how it is shared.  

Does analytics track my deck views, downloads, and shares?

When you are signed into your Haiku Deck account, your activity will not be captured as part of the data on your deck. If you visit your deck anonymously while not signed in, the views, shares, and downloads will be captured.  

Can I create invitations for pre-existing decks?

Yes, just as you would for new decks.

Why don't I see full analytics for decks created before September 15, 2017?

Haiku Deck Analytics are captured in a new system that didn't exist before September 15. Aggregate deck views from before September 15, 2017 are shown on the deck playback page. 

Why don't I see the analytics option when I sign in?

Analytics are only available to Haiku Deck Premium subscribers. To upgrade, click the UPGRADE button and choose Haiku Deck Premium.  

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