Presentation Video (beta) FAQ

Does it cost extra to create a Presentation Video?

During the beta period, paying subscribers can access Presentation Video features. Pricing for the final product will be announced in the future.


What kind of video file will I get?

Presentation videos are in MP4 format which can be opened on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and other operating systems. These files can also be uploaded to video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.


What if I just want to add audio to my Haiku Deck and not download it as a video?

That works! Just open the deck’s playback page and you’ll see a play button in the lower left corner of the slides that have audio.


Can I save to YouTube? Vimeo? Some other online service?

After you download your Presentation Video MP4 file, you can upload it to other services separately.


I’m not a paying Haiku Deck Pro member. Can I try the beta?

The Presentation Video beta is only available to Haiku Deck Pro subscribers making this the perfect time to join us! Your subscription enables us to continue to continue to add cool new features to Haiku Deck.


Is presentation video available via the iPad and iPhone apps?

Not at this time. Users may create their Haiku Decks on iOS and then sign in on the web site to add audio and download the video file from the web app.


Can I download a presentation video without sound?

Yes, when you don’t record sound with your slides you can still download as a video. Each slide will be assigned a time interval. Users may edit the video file using video editing software like iMovie on Mac or Windows Movie Maker.


What if I want to add music?

If you want to add music to your slide show, you can download the Presentation Video and then add a music track using another app like iMovie on Mac or Windows Movie Maker.


How can I send feedback or additional questions?

Please email us at with feedback, additional questions, and/or suggestions.

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