My presentation download email didn't arrive

When Haiku Deck web-app users choose editable .pptx as a file option, the resulting file can be too large (depending on the number of slides) for our system to process quickly enough for a direct download. In this case, we will notify the user that a link will be sent via email that will allow the user to download their editable .pptx file. This email is typically sent within a few minutes. To avoid clogging your email inbox, the email our system sends does not include the presentation file as an attachment.  

The email address our system uses for sending this file is shown on the ACCOUNT page and in the alert that appears on screen at the time of download. 

If you do not receive this email, we recommend the following:

  1. Check your email account's SPAM/Junk folder
  2. Check the MY ACCOUNT page to ensure that you have included a valid email address during your setup.
  3. Instead of choosing editable pptx file format, consider downloading the .pptx file option. Regular uneditable .pptx file format will often download directly in circumstances where our system may try to email you the editable pptx. With regular .pptx files, you will be able to add elements to your slides after download and even add new slides to the presentation after export. The only thing you cannot do with regular .pptx file downloads is remove text or change the layout of the work done in Haiku Deck. More on the differences between editable and uneditable pptx downloads here.

If you continue to have problems, please open a support ticket, including a link to the deck so we can investigate the problem. 



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