Haiku Deck PowerPoint Add-In FAQ

What is Haiku Deck Image Search and Template Finder for Microsoft PowerPoint?

This is a free add-in to Microsoft PowerPoint that makes it fast and easy for PowerPoint users to find free royalty-free images and thousands of free presentation templates created by Haiku Deck's creative community. 

Where do I find it?

Click here to download the add-in. 

What does it cost?

The add-in is free to download and use for image and template search. Users are asked to create a free Haiku Deck account after the fifth image that they download through the add-in. Downloading Haiku Deck templates and other advanced features of Haiku Deck requires a paid subscription. 

How do I get Haiku Deck Image Search and Template Finder for Microsoft PowerPoint?

The add-in is available via 

What versions of PowerPoint does it work with?

The add-in works on PowerPoint 2013 and later versions for Mac or PC as well as Microsoft PowerPoint Online. When working with Microsoft PowerPoint online, the add-in works using Internet Explorer 11 or the latest versions of Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Where do the image results come from?

The image results come from a variety of sources across the Internet, but all are licensed under the Creative Commons license. When you select an image, the add-in automatically provides the license information for the image which includes a link to the image source as well as other information about the image license. All of the photos carry a Creative Commons license which allows them to be copied, edited, distributed, remixed, and built upon under a range of circumstances that vary from photo to photo. To learn more about the Creative Commons license, click here.

Are the image search results safe for kids?

We do include a naughty word filter that prevents unsavory results from appearing when certain words and phrases are entered into the search bar. We also curate results to remove anything inappropriate that members of our community tell us about. As with many image search tools, there's a small chance that an inappropriate image will rarely appear in our search results. If you discover something objectionable, please let us know so we can investigate and take immediate action. Just email us at and tell us the search term that led you to the objectionable result.  

Why do you provide license information for the images I select?

In order to comply with the Creative Commons license terms, most of the image search results require that you attribute the work to the original photographer. Think of this as a small price to pay in exchange for the photographer sharing their creative work with you. To avoid copyright violation, please copy and paste this license information as a footnote on your slide, to a final separate attribution slide, or to the notes field of your slide.  

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