Live Playback Mode FAQ

How Does Live Playback Mode Work?

Live Playback mode allows the presenter to 'drive' the presentation controlling from their web browser what audience members see on their devices whether they're across the room or across the world. When the presenter clicks to advance a slide, Live Mode viewers will see the slide advance. When the presenter clicks to go backwards, the slides move backwards. In fact, viewers of a presentation in Live mode have no buttons for navigating through slides. When the presenter leave the Live Playback page, the viewers will no longer be able to view the presentation.  


What do viewers see when they click the Live Presentation link?

In the animation below, the two small windows on the left show the audience experience. The first thing they see is a prompt asking them to enter their name. This allows you, the presenter, to know who attends your Live presentation. The window on the right shows the presenter view. Notice as the presenter clicks the red arrow, the slides advance simultaneously across all three windows. 


If your viewers click the Live presentation link before you open the presentation in Live Mode, they will see a message that says "Waiting for your Haiku Deck to begin..."

Is there a way to connect with my audience so they can hear me talking as I show my slides?

Haiku Deck Live mode does not yet support a real-time audio connection between presenter and the audience. We found that most people would rather connect by phone for the audio portion of a live presentation. 

Is there a way to know who attends my Live presentation?

Yes! After you click Go Live, look for the icon in the top right corner of your slides. Clicking this icon will reveal the names of the people who join your live presentation. See below.


Does the link for my Live Mode presentation ever change?

No. Each presentation has one and only one live presentation link. Only the presentation author can initiate a live presentation and anyone with the link to that presentation can join any time. To start a live presentation, the author needs to sign into their Haiku Deck Premium account and then click the GO LIVE button on the presentation's playback page. 

How can I test my Live Presentation?

To test Live Presentation Mode, email yourself a link to the Live presentation and open it from your mobile device or copy/paste into a new browser window. 

What happens if a viewer opens the presentation after I've finished giving the live presentation?

If a viewer clicks your live presentation link and the presenter isn't on the playback page, they will not be able to view your presentation. They will see a message that says, "Waiting for your Haiku Deck to begin..."


What happens if a viewer opens the presentation on a mobile device?

Live presentations can be viewed on connected mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. 

How many simultaneous viewers can participate in a live presentation?

We have tested live presentation mode with up to 150 simultaneous viewers. 

What do my viewers see when I land on a slide with video embedded in it?

If you are presenting a slide with embedded YouTube video in Live mode, the video will play when the presenter clicks play. Viewers will also have the option of clicking play on their own. If a viewer clicks play on their own, they will be out of sync with the presenter. When the presenter advances the slide, viewers will see the slide advance on their screens, stopping video playback regardless of whether they're in sync with the presenter on video playback.

What do my viewers hear when I land on a slide with audio embedded in it?

If you are presenting a slide with embedded audio in Live mode, the viewers will have the option of clicking a speaker icon to hear the audio playback. (shown in the image below)


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