Using Haiku Deck Template Finder for Microsoft PowerPoint

To use the Haiku Deck template finder for Microsoft PowerPoint, you must first download and install the add-in by clicking here. As with Haiku Deck's image search for Microsoft PowerPoint, you can also browse templates by category or run a keyword search. When you choose from the preset suggestions, this opens up a browser window where you can check out publicly shared presentations created by members of our community.


Clicking through to the template search results will open up a web browser. From there you can view the template to decide if you wish to download it. If you do wish to download, you will be prompted to either sign in or purchase a Haiku Deck Pro subscription. Only paying Haiku Deck Pro subscribers may download templates. After you upgrade, you can download in either editable .pptx format or uneditable pptx format. If you choose editable .pptx, you can change the text on the downloaded presentation. This may require the installation of free open-source fonts. More on that here 

If you subscribe to Haiku Deck, you can download these templates as editable .pptx files for opening and  editing directly in PowerPoint. This can be a huge time saver over creating your presentations from scratch.

 To see it in action watch this video:

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