Can I use my "clicker" or remote control for presenting with Haiku Deck?

Here are the options for users who wish to control their Haiku Deck presentation remotely. Click on the headings below for more information about each suggestion. 

  1. Export your Haiku Deck to .pptx file format: With this option, after you export/download your deck, open it in PowerPoint, Keynote, or any other presentation app that you might use with your normal remote control clicker. 
  2. Airplay from Haiku Deck iPad or iPhone appWith this option, download the free Haiku Deck app for iPad or iPhone. Then sign into the Haiku Deck iPad or iPhone app using the same credentials as always. Open your presentation and give it a moment to sync with your device. Then use the airplay feature in iOS to connect with an AppleTV-powered monitor or projector. 
  3. Use Live Mode: This method requires that you have an internet-connected computer hooked up to your monitor and another computer or device that you're using to drive the presentation. Live mode is a feature available as part of Haiku Deck Premium and Haiku Deck Classroom only.
  4. Use iPhone app to drive iPad that's connected via dongle to your projector or monitorObviously this requires an iPhone and an iPad as well as the dongle that patches your iPad into whatever projector or large screen monitor you're using. 
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