"Conflict Detected" Error Message

If you get a Conflict Detected error message, it could mean one of two things:

  • You're viewing an outdated version of your deck, and edits were made more recently on another device (most likely), or
  • You're using the web app and there was an issue saving your work to our server, so some of the content you have been working on was lost.

We're trying to sort out with the company we have servers with exactly what's causing the issue saving work properly, so that we can cut out the bug causing the second item listed up there. In the meantime:

If your deck may have been edited elsewhere:

You have a few options in this case.

  • Choosing to revert to the older version could lose some of the work you've put into this deck... or, if the version you're currently looking at is missing a lot of your work, reverting could bring back the content you're expecting to see.
  • Choosing to keep the current version means that your deck will look like exactly what you're seeing here.
  • Choose to keep both makes a copy of the current deck, and reverts the original deck. You can return to your gallery to find which one you want to keep, and then delete the one that is out of date. This is the step we recommend taking if you aren't sure which option to choose, but it will mean that if you end up keeping the copy, the original deck URL will be out of date (if you shared / embedded it, the URL will need to be updated).

If you were working on a brand new deck, or you're on the web and you're sure you haven't made any edits elsewhere:

I'm sorry to report that in this case, some of your work (hopefully not much!) may have been lost. What I tend to prefer doing if I run into this issue is to choose to keep both copies. It'll mean that my work is saved in a copy of the deck, and I can delete the original later.

However, if you need the deck to keep the same URL (as in, you've embedded and shared it before and you're updating the content, and need the deck to stay at its original URL), you'll want to choose to have the deck revert. It will not be able to save the last few things you did if you choose to keep this copy, and will continue to prompt you about a conflict it has detected. We're so sorry for this inconvenience, and I assure you were doing as much as we can to fix it! Please click Submit a Request in the top right corner to let us know you ran into this issue.

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