Adjust Privacy Settings on your Haiku Deck

When you create Haiku Decks they are automatically saved on the Haiku Deck web site.  Here's some info to help clarify how your decks show up (or don't show up) online.

Who do you want to see your decks?

Anyone: use a 'public' setting. This is the default for all decks created.

Just yourself: use a 'private' setting.

Specific people: use a 'restricted' setting.

If you think about your deck as a sculpture, and as an apartment complex:

A public deck has been put on your front porch. Anyone looking around the complex can see it, and if the management really likes it, they might approach you to put it in the courtyard (aka our gallery).

A private deck is in a locked box on your dresser in your bedroom.  No one else knows it’s there, and only you have the key to it.  Not even maintenance, who has spare keys to your apartment, can open that box - so its contents are truly private. 

A restricted deck is in your living room.  No one driving past your apartment will know it’s there, but you can invite your friends in to see it.  Similarly, if you need maintenance to check it out, they can get into your apartment to see it at your request.

A few examples of different privacy settings for different decks:

Public: “Now that I’ve made this deck with my amazing tiramisu recipe to send to my sister, maybe other people would like to use it, too!”   A public deck will show up for everyone.  Your sister might share it with her friends; we might discover it when we’re looking for the next yummy thing to make at the office.  And if we can’t get enough of your tiramisu, maybe we’ll hit you up to feature your deck in our gallery.

Private: “I sure wish I could share this deck with my sister, but I’m not interested in sharing it with anyone else.”  A private deck will only be available to you, when you’ve signed in to our website.  

Restricted: “This deck about my daughter’s 4th birthday party would be great to send to her grandparents, but I don’t want just anyone on the web to be able to see it.”  A restricted deck will allow you to email a link to grandma and grandpa, but no one without that link is going to be able to visit the deck.  This means that even if someone searches online for ‘Jennifer’s fourth birthday party,’ there’s no way they will wind up discovering your deck.

What privacy setting should I use if I'm embedding a deck in my blog or web site?

We recommend using the public setting for embedded decks, but restricted decks will also show up when using the embed function.

How can I change the privacy of a deck I've already saved to the web?

We've all been there.  "Oh dear. That was not supposed to be public."  No worries - check the steps out to change your privacy settings here.

How can I allow or disallow my decks from being copied?

Great question! Check out our article about settings for copying decks here

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