Inappropriate images in the free image search

Every now and then, teachers (or their students) discover inappropriate images in the image search results in Haiku Deck. While we put filters in place to try our best to prevent this from happening, the free image search pulls from Flickr. Although they aren't supposed to, photographers can and sometimes do tag adult-themed photos as suitable for all ages, and then use tags that are not inappropriate (for example, an image of a nude man painted blue that is set to 'all ages' and tagged as 'blue'). 

That's why Haiku Deck has a 12+ age rating. You can read more about it at this blog post.

If you find an inappropriate image you'd like us to remove manually, please email with the subject "Suppress Image." In the email, let us know the following:

  • Which app you were using (web or iPad)
  • What the search term was
  • What the offensive image was (we have to find it by scrolling through hundreds of thumbnails, so big clues that'll make it easy to spot are appreciated. Example: "naked caucasian girl against a solid bright blue background" as opposed to "a naked girl.")

For some workarounds if you'd like not to use the free image search, check out our article here.

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