Haiku Deck Presentation Gallery

The Gallery

We all need a little inspiration sometimes, and the Haiku Deck Gallery is the perfect place to find it. You can get to the Gallery from the top navigation bar on, the orange drop-down button in the top bar in the iPhone app, or from the GALLERY button in the bottom left corner of the iPad app.

Featured Decks

The Featured Decks are hand-curated by our team and cover a wide range of subjects. They’re a great source of inspiration and demonstrate a variety of ways you can use Haiku Deck. Want us to feature one of your decks in our gallery? Email a link to us at! 

Popular Decks

Popular Decks is where you can see the most commonly shared and viewed decks in our creative community. 

My Decks

You can head to My Decks to see the decks you’ve created.

We also curate special galleries and collections of decks based on a variety of special interest topics. Want to create your own gallery for private or public consumption? Check out Haiku Deck Collections.

More Resources

Ready to move onto the next section of our user guide? Click here to head to Text 1: Working with Text, and Slide Types.


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