Copying, Deleting, Adding & Rearranging Slides

At the bottom of your screen is your slide tray. It will show thumbnail previews of the slides in your deck, and you can scroll / swipe left and right to browse through them. Clicking / tapping on a slide will bring it up in the editing screen for you to work with.


To add a slide, tap/click the button that is in the bottom right corner. This will add a slide to the end of your presentation (iPad), or right after the slide you're on (web).

To show/hide slide previews on the web: Click the 'slides' button on the top right corner of the slide tray at the bottom of the screen. Click it again to show the slide tray again.



To copy or delete a slide:

  • On the web, hover your mouse over the slide you want to copy / delete, then click the COPY or DELETE buttons at the bottom of the slide thumbnail.
  • On the iPad, tap your slide, then tap the small gear icon on its thumbnail and choose COPY or DELETE.
  • The ability to add, copy, delete, and rearrange slides is currently not available on the iPhone - but we're working on it!

Currently, there isn't a way to copy slides between decks (to copy one slide from an existing deck into another existing deck). If you want to copy some of the slides from a deck you've already made into a deck that you haven't started yet, you could always follow the steps here to make a copy of your entire deck to use the duplicate as a starting point.

To move (rearrange) slides within a deck:

To rearrange your slides, drag and drop them left/right. If you want them to go further toward the beginning or end of your deck than the slides you can currently see in the slide tray at the bottom, just scroll left / right with your trackpad or mouse's scroll wheel, or swipe left/right on the bottom on the iPad.

To see more about editing decks, check out this video:

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