Cannot Edit Decks on the Web

If clicking EDIT for iPad-created decks on the web gives you an error message:

In order for iPad-created decks to be editable on the web app, they need to have been published with a version of Haiku Deck made in mid November (when we released syncing as a feature) or later. Only decks published with that version of Haiku Deck (or later) are compatible with the web app, and with syncing back down onto iPads.

If you still have the deck on your iPad, just make sure your version of Haiku Deck is up to date, then try tapping EDIT for your deck, then returning to the Main Menu when the sync is complete. 

If the deck is on the web but not on your iPad, you can try syncing it down to your iPad by making sure your version of Haiku Deck for iPad is up to date and signing into the same account. Then, tap EDIT for your deck on the iPad, wait for the sync to finish, then return to the Main Menu. The version on the web should now be editable.

If that doesn't work a few more things you can check are:

  • In the App Store on your iPad, check the UPDATES tab and make sure you have the latest version of Haiku Deck installed.
  • Make sure you're signed into the same account under the ACCOUNT button in the Main Menu.

If you've checked all of the above and your decks still won't edit from the web, or if you don't have an iPad any longer, drop us a line with the Submit a Request link in the top right and let us know.


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