Crashing (iPad, iPhone)

If Haiku Deck is crashing, there are a few easy things you can try to get things running smoothly again.  

  • Make sure that you're running the latest version of iOS 7 and Haiku Deck. You can check for iOS updates in the Settings app under General - Software Update, and you can check for Haiku Deck updates in the App Store app under the Updates tab.

  • Make sure you have plenty of free space on your iPad or iPhone. You can check in the Settings app, under General - About. The number for "Available" should usually be around or above at least 1 GB for all of your apps to be able to work smoothly.

  • (iPad only) If it's only crashing when you try to edit a specific deck try duplicating the deck with the steps in this article. The copy of the deck will be added all the way to the right in your decks, and you may be able to edit the copied version without experiencing a crash.

  • Close all open apps that might be running in the background, and then hard-reboot the device with the following steps:

1. Go to your home screen.
2. Double-tap your home button show all running apps. 
3. Swipe upward on all running app windows, especially Haiku Deck.
4. Once that's done, press and hold BOTH the home button and the top sleep/wake button until the screen goes black.
5. Immediately release the buttons.
6. Press the sleep/wake button to restart the device. You should see an Apple icon for a few minutes.

  • If the crash is happening when you're in edit mode, it may help to disable image filters. Tap the THEME tab in the top center, and switch the image filters toggle on the right so that it's turned off. 

  • If the crash is happening right when you tap EDIT for a deck, try duplicating the deck with the steps in this article, then try editing the duplicate deck.

Important Note:

Uninstalling the app from your iPad will delete any decks stored on your iPad. If they have not been published or updated on the web since mid November of 2013, you will not be able to sync them back down or edit them in the future. Do not uninstall the app unless you are okay with losing those decks, or first update to the newest version of the app, then tap EDIT for each deck to sync all of the content to the web.

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