Decks Missing from the Web / "502 Bad Gateway" error

There are usually four main causes of missing decks on the web:

The wrong account is signed in. Try signing in with another account. If you have the URL for a deck you've made on the iPad, send it to us at so we can look up its account for you.

A 502 error (it will say "502" and/or "Bad Gateway" where your decks should be). When this happens, our servers are encountering temporary issues. Give it a minute and try reloading the page. 502 errors are usually pretty temporary, but occasionally they can happen for longer periods of time (an hour or two).

The decks have not been saved to the web from the iPad they are on. If you haven't saved your decks to the web from the iPad, then you'll need make sure to connect to the internet on your iPad and open Haiku Deck for you to sync your decks (make sure you're using the latest version of Haiku Deck from the Updates tab in the App Store, too).

The browser is unsupported. Try another browser, like Google Chrome.

Still missing your decks? Head to the "Submit a Request" tab at the top of this page and drop us a line so we can help!


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