Presenting from the Web or a Computer

As long as you've published your deck to the web (if you're using the iPad), you can present your deck right from your computer. If you want to, you can connect your computer to a projector, or use AirPlay to stream to an AppleTV (Macs only). You can also print your deck and its public notes to use as a handout. 

To play a deck on your computer, visit its URL. Alternatively, sign into, then hover your mouse over your deck's thumbnail and click the play button in the center:

This will pull up the player page for your deck. Your public notes will show on the right side of your slides, and share buttons will show on the left.

To go to fullscreen, click the fullscreen button on the playback page shown below:

To exit fullscreen mode, simply press the exit full screen button on the bottom right of the screen.  If you don't see buttons along the bottom, just wiggle your mouse to bring the navigation buttons back to the front. See below:

In both normal playback, and fullscreen playback, you can advance your slides by clicking on the slide, on the navigation arrows or by using the right arrow key or spacebar on your keyboard. To go backwards, click on the left arrow button or use the left arrow key on your keyboard. 

Grid Navigation

Use the grid button to view thumbnail images of your slides and click on the slide you want to jump directly there. 



To use Airplay to stream to an AppleTV, check out our article here.

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