Presenting from the iPhone

Presenting to an AppleTV with Airplay

If you have an AppleTV on the same network as your iPhone, you can stream your deck wirelessly to play on the TV with Airplay, just like you can with the iPad. Click here for more info about streaming to an AppleTV.

Connecting to a Projector

You can also present while connected to a projector like you can with the iPad. Just find the appropriate adapter for your iOS device and projector, connect it to the projector, and play your deck. You can rotate your iPhone vertically to see your notes. If you run into any trouble, swipe upward from the bottom of your screen to check your orientation lock and mirroring settings in control center, or check out this article.

Using your iPhone as a remote with your iPad

If you are signed into the Haiku Deck app on your iPad and your iPhone, you can use your iPhone to control playback of any published decks on your iPad! Check out the details at this article.

Viewing your private or public notes

If you rotate your iPhone vertically (portrait orientation), your private notes will show by default for each slide in your deck while you're viewing the deck on your phone. If you don't have any private notes for a slide, any public notes you have will show instead.

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