Premium Images

Premium Images (iPad Only)

Premium images from Getty Images appear in our image search results with a green corner $ flag. These professionally curated, premium quality images are $1.99 each and can be purchased using your iTunes account. Any images you buy will be stored in your History for you to use later in any Haiku Decks you create (or you can tap the Restore Previous Purchases link in the "Buy Premium Image" prompt if you've reinstalled Haiku Deck and lost your purchase history).  

Your decks with premium images can be exported, embedded, and shared in any way any other decks normally would.  Premium images are only licensed for use within your Haiku Decks, however -- the license does not extend to other uses beyond the context of your presentation. If you’d like to license an image for broader use, you can do so directly through Getty Images.

To buy a premium image, tap the image you’d like to purchase, make any adjustments you like in the Preview pane, and tap DONE to display the Buy Premium Image popup. Tap BUY, type in your Apple ID to connect to iTunes, and confirm your purchase.

Buy Premium Image popup in Haiku Deck

Turning the Text Background On / Off

Your Text Background is a way to help your words stand apart from your background without obstructing it completely. 


You can toggle this setting with the "TEXT BACKGROUND" checkbox on the web, and with the Text Screen toggle on the iPad.


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