Filtering inappropriate images

Because our app uses Creative Commons licensed images, the way that these images are tagged with keywords from the various photographers who contribute them can be unpredictable at times. We do have image filters in place to prevent inappropriate images from being returned if our image sources provide it, but they don't always catch everything. If you encounter any inappropriate images you'd like us to manually remove from search results, please email and let us know what term(s) you searched for, what the offensive image was of, and about how far down in the results it was.

We are still working on a solution for this and we hope that in time, Haiku Deck will be accessible to all age groups. You can read more about our iPad app's age rating in our blog post about it here.

A few ways that you can work around this are to:

1. Create a folder, album, or set of of pre-approved images to use in Haiku Deck. 
2. Generate images by using your iPad's camera, or other apps, and import them into Haiku Deck.

A few apps that can be fun and easy to create illustrations in on the iPad:

Paper by FiftyThree 

Sketchbook Express by AutoDesk

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