Using Your Own Images

To see how to upload your own photos on the iPad and the web, check out our tutorial video: 

Importing your own image(s) as slide backgrounds

Go to the blue IMAGE icon, then MY PICTURES.


A popup will provide you with options to choose from. From here, you can choose to upload local photos (stored on your iPad or computer), or photos from an online service like Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • iPad: Tap Take a picture to take a picture with your iPad's built-in camera. This is especially helpful if you're making a deck on the fly about a place you're at, people you're around, or an event you're documenting.
  • iPad: Tap Other sites and services to upload pictures from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, Google Drive, or Box. You'll need to sign in to each account to connect it to Haiku Deck, but then you'll have easy access to your favorite images, and you won't be required to sign in again.
  • iPad: Tap My photos to choose a photo from your iPad's photos or Camera Roll, or your iCloud Photo Stream.

Importing multiple photos (iPad Only)

From My photos, you can also import multiple images. To do this, tap all the images you'd like to include in your Haiku Deck -- a white box will appear around the images you've selected. If you'd like to sort your photos in chronologically ascending or descending order, you can tap the small blue icon in the top right (three small horizontal bars).

When you've selected the images you want to import, tap Add Images, and voilà! Your slides will be created automatically, and you can visit each one to adjust sizing and placement and add text.

Creating Custom Albums on the iPad

If you have a large number of images on your Camera Roll, you'll save time by creating an Album for the images you want to use in your Haiku Deck first. From your iPad's main screen, tap Photos, then Albums, then, the + button in the top left.

Import images to Haiku Deck from a custom album
Tap Albums, then the + button to create a new album

Type a name for your new Album, then select  the images you'd like to include.

Import images to Haiku Deck with a custom album
Tap the images you'd like to include in your album, then tap Done

In Haiku Deck, when you tap Import, then Albums, your images will be easy to find.

Import images to Haiku Deck from a custom album
Creating a custom album makes your images easy to find

Taking a screenshot on your iPad

To take a screenshot, or picture of everything on the screen, from your iPad, press the round Home button and the sleep/wake button on the top simultaneously. The image will automatically appear in your Camera Roll, and you can import it and use it as a slide background if you'd like.

Turning the Text Background On / Off

Your Text Background is a way to help your words stand apart from your background without obstructing it completely. 


You can toggle this setting with the "TEXT BACKGROUND" checkbox shown below on iPad


See below for the text background checkbox on the Haiku Deck web app:



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