Image search not working; published decks missing images

When image search won't work, or the app has trouble saving / freezes, it's usually because the internet connection in use is blocking certain types of activity by a firewall.  Most commonly, we see this from people using Haiku Deck in school districts, computer labs, and other public places.  

The culprit here is most commonly Flickr and Unsplash being blocked on the school network. and is the domain our image search works through and pulls images from.

If you find that your network is indeed having trouble because of a network firewall, most users have had success approaching the IT department in charge of the network and requesting to whitelist Flickr and Unsplash.  

Other things to try:

  • Delete the app and power down the device. 
  • Check to make sure you have adequate memory available on the device
  • Reinstall directly from iTunes to make sure you have the latest version of Haiku Deck
  • If, after doing the above, the problem persists, please connect to a different network without all of the firewall to see if it works (A mobile phone as hotspot or a home network that isn't encumbered by a firewall). If it works on a different network, then it's safe to assume that there's something about your network configuration that is disrupting the app.  

If the steps above do not resolve the problem, please contact us at so we can help you troubleshoot further. Please provide as much detail as you can about the issue you're experiencing.

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