Exported deck won't open in PowerPoint / Keynote

Exported Keynote file won't open in Keynote

If you get an error reading, "(Your deck title here)" can't be opened." with only the option to click OK, there are three workarounds:

  • If you export the PowerPoint file from your iPad, as opposed to the Web App, it should work
  • The older version of Keynote may still be on your computer if you had it previously, so you can open the file using Keynote '09
  • You can email the deck to and ask us to convert it, and we'll send it back to you within 24 hours

To open your export in the older version of Keynote, go to your Downloads folder, and find the file. Right-click it, or hold control on your keyboard and click it. A menu will pop up, from which you can choose Open With and then select the older version of Keynote, Keynote (5.3), from lower on the menu. 

Exported PPT file won't open in PowerPoint / Keynote

If you emailed the exported deck from your iPad (as opposed to exporting from the Web App), sometimes, email clients will remove the file extension (the part of the file's name that tells the computer what program to open it with) for the export. Try saving the attachment from your email to your computer and renaming it, adding ".pptx" at the end.


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