Exported file is missing images, text, or edits

If you find that the deck you created plays back, exports as a PowerPoint, or exports as a PDF missing slides or edits you've made, usually it helps to save all of the slides again. 

To do this, just go to the Themes in the top center of the app (in edit mode), and choose a new theme. On the web, wait for all of the slides to save; on the iPad, go back to the Main Menu and wait for all of the slides to save. Then, if you want to, repeat those steps to change the theme back to what you had it as originally.  

Then, try exporting your PowerPoint or PDF again, or viewing your deck on the web.

If it's still not looking right, and you've made sure that you're not opening a previously exported file you downloaded, drop us a line with the SUBMIT A REQUEST button on top of this page. We're happy to help!

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