Updates: Color Picker, Logo Slide, and Exclusive Features

Custom background colors

From the slide background tool (the blue photo icon on the left), you can choose to add images, charts and graphs, or solid colors. The tab for solid colors is to the right of the pie chart tab, and is indicated by a rectangle divided diagonally (half is dark and half is light).

You can choose from Haiku Deck colors unique to your theme, or pick your own custom solid colored background. To choose your own custom color from the solid colors tab, just look for the eyedropper button. 

Use the outer ring to choose your color, and the square in the middle to choose how bright or dark it is.

If you've chosen a solid color as your slide background, you can switch to any other slide background by simply choosing a chart, graph, or image instead.

Logo slides


Heading to the Tt icon on the left side of the app will allow you to choose which type of text you’d like to have on your slide:

  • a header and sub-header,
  • a numbered list,
  • a bulleted list,
  • multiple lines of text, or
  • a centered slide with a logo on it

Tap the camera icon to choose your logo, and be sure to check out the various ways you can arrange your logo and text in the layouts tool. The ideal size for a logo image is 600x600 - images will automatically be scaled to fit into the circle.

Upcoming changes

There are some changes on the horizon for Haiku Deck, including premium features that users can subscribe to that won't be included in the free version of the app. 

Some of those features include exporting your decks to PowerPoint or PDF, saving new decks as "Private" or "Restricted" (existing decks will retain their settings unless changed, regardless of subscription status), logo slides, and custom background colors.

We understand that this is a shift from your current Haiku Deck experience, and are keeping the core features free for everyone. Premium features will enable us to keep working hard to make the app increasingly awesome for you, and you can use them for free for now.

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