Password reset link shows wrong email address

Sometimes, users (usually students, or teachers helping students) go to reset their passwords, and find that the reset link they're sent or that they see has the wrong email address in it. 

When that happens, it's because someone was signed in on a shared iPad, and another person tapped ACCOUNT and changed the email address in the window that pops up instead of signing out and then entering their email address. The username for the account remains the same, but the contact email address has been changed.

This is very common amongst students sharing iPads in the classroom.

How to fix this:

Let's assume your account is under Then someone changes your email address by accident to Your password reset email shows up showing that your email address is

- Sign in using as your email address, and your normal password (or if you reset the password anyway, whatever you changed it to)

- If you're on the web, click your name in the top right, and go to My Account. Update your email address back to from there.

- If you're on an iPad, when you sign in, in the window that pops up, change the email address back to

In this scenario, this does not affect whoever actually owns the email address That person would not have been able to change your email address if they had already had an account under their own email address on our system. So by changing your account back, now they should be able to create their own account without any trouble.

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