Failed Transactions: Troubleshooting

Uh-oh -- failed transaction? Since there are a number of reasons transactions can fail, there are a few things you can check to hopefully solve this mystery.

Things you can investigate or resolve with your bank / credit card company, whether online or over the phone:

  • Available funds. Does your card have the funds available? 
  • Expired / outdated card. Has your card expired or been replaced lately? Sometimes cards will be replaced due company-wide security breaches, or if you reported your card lost or stolen.
  • Fraud protection. Are you currently traveling? Card companies can put a hold on your transactions if you’ve recently made a few purchases in an unusual location, even if they’re small.
  • Online sales or automated billings aren't allowed. It's rare, but some cards are not set up to be billed regularly or used online. This may be more likely if you are using a prepaid card.
  • US billing. Are you from outside of the US? If so, your card company may not allow international transactions, which could be the cause of this issue.

Things you can check out yourself to potentially resolve the issue:

  • Improperly entered information. Double-check the credit card number, name, expiration date, and any other information (like the CVV number) necessary to verify that it matches what is on your card exactly.
  • Inconsistencies in billing details. If you entered your address with slight differences from what your bank or credit card company has on file, it could sometimes cause a hiccup. Try entering it again and changing it up: for example, if you put "123 Haiku Deck Ave." try changing it to "123 Haiku Deck Ave" without the period.
  • Something card-specific. If you have another card you can try and it won't make a differences for your finances and budget, you could always try a different card to make sure the issue is not related to the specific card you were trying initially.

If you continue to have trouble, perhaps there's a systemwide issue going on that is affecting anyone and everyone. Wait for a few hours, and try again.

Drop us a line at if things don't start working again, and please include what steps you've tried and what info you've verified so that we don't waste your time with unnecessary steps.

Never send your credit card, debit card, bank, or personal financial details over email. There is nothing we will be able to do with that data, which we want you to keep safe; and we can always ask you if we need more information.

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