Haiku Deck Zuru FAQ

What platforms or browsers can I use with Haiku Deck Zuru?

Haiku Deck Zuru is a web-based application that works with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.   

What types of presentations will Haiku Deck Zuru work with? What types will it not work as well with?

Haiku Deck Zuru is perfect for straightforward presentation outlines and slides that would benefit from a more polished and appealing design. Haiku Deck Zuru is particularly helpful for improving audience engagement by simplifying text and illustrating key points with powerful visuals. Haiku Deck Zuru is not recommended for presentations that are complex or that have been professionally designed.

Where does Haiku Deck Zuru find images?

Haiku Deck Zuru searches through tens of millions of free, beautiful, Creative Commons images to recommend the best images to bring your words to life, and takes care of the attribution for you automatically. If you’re uploading a presentation with existing images, Haiku Deck Zuru will give you the option of retaining them or replacing them with alternatives from a vast library of alternatives.

What if I don’t like the images that Haiku Deck Zuru selects for me?

If you have custom images, charts, or graphs, those can easily be uploaded into the app. After you complete the Zuru process, you can add images via Haiku Deck's web app (if you started with an outline or Wikipedia article) or in the editable .pptx file (if you started by uploading a presentation (or with an outline or Wikipedia article)

How much does Haiku Deck Zuru cost?

Zuru is offered as part of the Haiku Deck Pro subscription. If you're not a subscriber, there is an option to do a one time download which will unlock your deck for downloading once in editable .pptx format, .pdf, or uneditable .pptx format.

Do you have special pricing for educators, students, and non-profits?

Yes. Education and non-profit pricing for Haiku Deck Pro subscriptions is available here.

What about the privacy of my content run through Zuru?

Haiku Deck Zuru will transform your content into a beautiful Haiku Deck presentation. When you're done, subscribers to Haiku Deck Pro will see their deck in the MY DECKS gallery. Privacy on these decks will be set to 'private' by default, so only the user can see the deck when signed in. Subscribers may change the privacy setting as they see fit from with the app. Decks that are created from an existing PowerPoint and downloaded via the one-time download option are not stored in the Haiku Deck system. 

Click for additional information about Haiku Deck’s privacy policy and terms of use.

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