Manage Haiku Deck Pro Subscription

Haiku Deck Pro users can easily view their subscription information and manage their subscription through the web or the iPad/iPhone apps. Whether you're upgrading or cancelling your subscription, here's how. NOTE: The steps are different depending whether you originally subscribed through the Web or via the iPad/iPhone apps on iTunes.

If you subscribed via the Web, first sign into Haiku Deck web site. (You are currently looking at a page on the Zendesk web-site, a third party that provides technical support software to Haiku Deck. Zendesk does not use the same sign in system as Haiku Deck... So if you're having trouble signing in, please double-check to make sure you're in the right place.)

To Upgrade:

  1. Visit the Haiku Deck home page  (Again, web page you're reading is hosted by Zendesk, a service we use for technical support. Zendesk has a different sign-in system than the one used for and the Haiku Deck app, so please make sure you're signing into the web site before you continue).
  2. Click sign in in the top right corner
  3. After you're signed in, look for the upgrade button towards the top of the screen. This will take you to the pricing page where you can choose a new subscription plan.


To Cancel: 

  1. Visit the Haiku Deck web home page
  2. Click sign in in the top right corner and sign in using your user name and password
  3. After you're signed in, click your name in the top right
  4. From the drop-down menu, click My Account
  5. After the account page loads, scroll down to click cancel subscription button and follow the prompts all the way through.


After you cancel, your subscription will be set to expire automatically at the end of your subscription period which is shown right above the blue cancel subscription button.

If you subscribed via the iPad App:

  1. Open the iPad app
  2. Click Account in the lower left corner
  3. Click Cancel subscription

Your Pro Subscriber status will automatically expire at the end of your paid subscription period which is shown right above the blue cancel subscription button. 



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  • 0
    Cynthia Lieberman

    I do NOT want to wait until 7/2020 for a refund. I have been trying to cancel and getting no response.

  • 0
    Maria Rodriguez

    SAME!!! I have emailed three times and get a robot to reply. I am talking to my bank!


  • 0
    Jonathan Abramson

    I tried using the software again since I cannot get my money back. I am teaching college courses and cannot get all the text that I need into the slides. The upload on the PPT does not work as well.

    I was completely blown off by technical support. 

    Do not buy this product!


  • 0
    Jennifer Harris

    Oh no. I clearly should have read this before starting the "trial". I just got charged after canceling, too. I guess I won't see this money back? Time to tweet and reach out to the BBB:(

  • 0
    Laura Romanelli

    unfortunately your directions are not correct. there is not anywhere that says my account. when i click on my name is just says activities, edit my profile or sign out!!

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