How to Add Hyperlinks to Haiku Deck

There are a few different ways you can enhance your decks with hyperlinks that link to other sources like videos, your web site, or anything else on the web. 

Use the Notes Field

  1. From edit mode, find the notes section under the yellow NOTES tab. In the iPad app, we offer a private notes field, so be sure to use the PUBLIC NOTES field option. The only notes field available on the web app is for public notes. 
  2. If you want the link to be clickable, be sure to include "http://" before the URL. 

Notes field in the web app shown above

Public notes field shown on iPad app above

When viewed online, your link will appear beside your slides in the note section of the playback page as shown below.

Use the export method:

If you want your links to be clickable from within full-screen mode, your best option is to export to editable .pptx and add links and/or embed video into the .pptx using a third party app like PowerPoint or Keynote. More on exporting Haiku Decks here.



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