Haiku Deck for iPhone Main Screen Quick Reference

Our new free iPhone app allows users to create, edit, download and share Haiku Decks from any iPhone 5 or later running iOS8 or later. To get started, just sign in using the same user name and password that you use on iPad and the Web. Once you do this, the app will download any decks you have created on the web or iPad. This may take a moment depending on your connection speed and the number of decks you have created.

Once the sync process completes, you will arrive at the main screen shown below. 

  • The menu button in the top left provides access to your account and in-app help.
  • The remote button in the top right allows you to connect your iPhone to an iPad also running Haiku Deck. This lets you use your iPhone as a remote control for the iPad. More on that in this article
  • The "+" button in the top right creates a new deck
  • The "..." button below each deck provides deck menu options for share, export (download), Copy, and more.
  • The pencil icon brings you into edit mode. 
  • Tapping on the deck title will allow you to edit your deck's title

All changes made to decks will save locally to your device and sync with your decks on our servers. To prevent data conflicts, we recommend having decks open for editing on one device at a time. 


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