Deleting a Course

To delete a Course from within the Haiku Deck Classroom dashboard, click the delete button. This will remove any students from that Course and free up invitations that can be extended to other students during the term of your subscription.

There are important implications of removing students from a Course. 

When you remove a Course, the students' Haiku Deck accounts will remain active. However, they will lose access to the features of Haiku Deck Pro unless they belong to another Haiku Deck Course (belonging to you or another teacher). This means the student will be:

  • unable to make decks private
  • unable to export/download decks
  • be limited in the number of new decks they may create
  • unable to embed YouTube videos
  • be able to add decks to the classroom gallery

When a student is removed from a Course, no changes are made to the student's existing decks. Decks already set as 'private' will remain private. 

If a student is a member of a different Haiku Deck Course, they will retain these privileges, but no longer be able to add decks to the Classroom Gallery for the class from which they were removed.

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