Haiku Deck Classroom FAQ

What is Haiku Deck Classroom?

We built Haiku Deck Classroom as an affordable way to address critical needs of educators who wish to use Haiku Deck in the classroom and we’ve added some new features to make it even better. Haiku Deck Classroom includes the following features for educators *and* students:

  • Unlimited deck creation
  • Advanced privacy settings for presentations created by students so they aren’t visible to search engines
  • Ability to download decks as .pdf and .pptx files for offline viewing, editing, and sharing
  • New! Ability to embed YouTube videos in decks
  • New! Teacher admin dashboard for adding/removing students by email address
  • New! Integration with Google Classroom for importing students
  • New! Classroom galleries that allow teachers to view decks their students submit to a single gallery.
  • Access to Haiku Deck Zuru which uses Artificial Intelligence to transform existing pptx files (from PowerPoint, Keynote, etc) into beautiful presentations

I’m already using Haiku Deck Public for free with my classroom. How is this different?

Our free “Haiku Deck Public” offering does not offer the features outlined on the list above. Though our paid Haiku Deck Pro product offers these features, the pricing model was not practical for educators wishing to use the product with their students.

What if I already have a Haiku Deck education or Haiku Deck Pro account?

If you already have an active paid subscription with Haiku Deck and you wish to add Haiku Deck Classroom to it, your subscription payment will be prorated based on the time remaining on your subscription.

How many students can I add to my Classroom?

Each Classroom account has room for one teacher and up to 150 students. You can organize these students into any number of ‘classrooms’ (eg. Period 1, Period 2, etc.). You may pay for additional students in groups of 50. If you require multiple teacher accounts, we offer special pricing for departments, schools, and districts. Drop us an email with details about your needs at and we will get back to you quickly.

How many classrooms can I add to my account?

A single educator may add as many classrooms as they want to their account.  

What if I have more than 150 students?

We offer additional ‘student packs’ in increments of 50 students/pack. These can be  purchased at any time from within the Classroom dashboard.

Do you offer a month-to-month option for Haiku Deck classroom?

At this time, we offer only yearly pricing for Haiku Deck classroom.

Do you accept Purchase Orders/P.O.'s?
It’s fastest and easiest to pay by credit card. We do accept PO’s if your school requires that. Learn more here.

Does every student get their own account?
Yes. Every student added to your classroom operates and enjoys all of the features of a single Haiku Deck education account.

Can I add other teachers to my account?
No. At this time, only one teacher may be added to each classroom account.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes. Please read it here and also check out our terms of service.

What happens if I want to add or remove students from my classroom during the term of the Classroom subscription?

Teachers can add/remove students from their classroom any time. When a teacher removes a student, it frees up a spot in the classroom account to add a different account if they wish.  Students who are removed from a classroom will lose access to the classroom features, but they will continue to have access to their Haiku Deck account until/unless it is closed or unless they lose access to their sign-in credentials. Privacy on the removed students’ decks will not change after they are removed from a classroom, but they will lose access to privacy features for decks they create in the future.

What happens after my subscription expires?

If your subscription to Haiku Deck classroom expires, your decks and your students’ decks will remain in place, but everyone associated with your classroom will lose access to Pro features (the ability to make decks private, the ability to download decks, etc.). Privacy settings on existing decks will not change after the expiration (private decks will remain private unless the account holder changes the privacy to public). Students will still have access to their decks provided their sign-in credentials do not change.

I’m a current paying Haiku Deck Education user and I want to get Haiku Deck for my school or district. Do I get something for the referral?
We appreciate you sharing the love! As a token of our appreciation, when your school or district account is activated, we will refund up to one year of what you paid for your Haiku Deck account, no matter when you signed up. Contact us at to take advantage of this offer.

Will every account in the organization have access to support?
Yes. If any user has a question or needs assistance, we are happy to help at You can also send a support request at any time using the “Help” button in the product.

Can I add other teachers to my classroom account?

Each classroom account is associated with a single teacher and his/her students. Additional teachers may create their own classroom account. Multiple teachers may add the same student(s) to their unique classroom account(s). For example, if a student is added to Ms. Smith’s English Classroom on Haiku Deck, they can also be added to Mr. Gomez’ History classroom. Teachers may only add students to their classroom account.   

Wait! You didn’t answer my question!
We’ll be happy to help. Please contact the Haiku Deck Education team at and we’ll get back to you quickly.


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