Artificial Intelligence and Presentations: Introduction to Zuru

When we set out to create Haiku Deck, we wanted to make it 10x faster and easier for people to create presentations that are 10x better. With Haiku Deck Zuru we aim to take a major leap forward, using artificial intelligence to streamline the process. In a nutshell, Haiku Deck Zuru transforms all kinds of existing content into beautiful presentations.

What kind of content?

We started with existing presentations. Think of that dusty old PowerPoint or PowerPoint outline that never quite looked the way you wanted it to look. Next, we're adding outlines that you can type into Zuru or copy/paste. We also let you enter a Wikipedia topic. 

How does Haiku Deck Zuru work?

First, Haiku Deck Zuru analyzes your content to identify the key ideas and optimal slide layouts.

Next, it searches through millions of free, beautiful Creative Commons images for the best ones to illustrate your ideas. With your help, we apply the right one.

Then, Haiku Deck Zuru analyzes your text and images to determine the optimal text placement and background colors.

The result is a beautiful, mobile-friendly Haiku Deck which you can easily edit, embed in any blog or website, or share via email and social networks. If you prefer, you can save your presentation as an editable .pptx file or a printable .pdf file.


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