Zuru Technical Requirements: Existing Presentations

When you're starting with an existing presentation, there are a few requirements to ensure a successful experience:
  1. Zuru only accepts files in .pptx format. This is the most common format used by late versions of PowerPoint. You can also export Keynote and Google Slides to .pptx. Look for pptx as an option under the "Save As" menu when you're trying to convert presentations into this file format.
  2. Zuru will not yet accept decks that have the following features
    1. SmartArt (shapes or diagrams created in other apps that aren't saved as a single image at the time of upload)
    2. Tables that aren't saved as images
    3. Audio and video clips
    4. Slide decks with more than 50 slides
  3. Zuru works best in English for now. Most of our image-matching data is in English for now.
The process does require some user input and generally takes 10-15 minutes for most decks. Although Zuru will not retain animations or transitions, it will strengthen the impact of your message with clean graphics and strong visuals. 
If your .pptx file has unsupported features like those described in #2 above, the best bet is to create a copy of your original file and then remove those elements from your original file or just delete the slides as necessary before uploading to Zuru.
If your file is compliant and you still get a Zuru API error, it could be that there's an issue on our end. Please open a support ticket with us, sharing as much information as possible about the problem so we can help to resolve it. 


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