Three Ways to Automatically Create Presentations with Haiku Deck Zuru

The new Haiku Deck Zuru gives you 3 different ways to transform your content into a beautiful presentation.

  1. Presentation: Take an existing presentation and give it a makeover. In this scenario, you put a .pptx file in and if you like the results, you'll be invited to subscribe in order to get a fully editable .pptx file out. We aren't yet able to pull existing presentations into the Haiku Deck editor, but the .pptx file we give you back is fully editable in PowerPoint or other apps that support this file format.
  2. Wikipedia: You type the topic, Zuru helps to summarize the article into a outline. Then edit the outline to make whatever changes you want. Then use Zuru to match each slide with great images. When you're done if you like the results you'll be invited to subscribe in order to save, edit this in Haiku Deck, and download as .pptx or .pdf.
  3. Outline: You type your outline, Zuru helps you match each idea with images. Then if you like what you see, you can subscribe to save in Haiku Deck, edit, and download as .pptx or .pdf format. 

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