Accounts for Students without email addresses or Google Sign-In

Some students can't receive email from outside sources via their school email address, do not have email addresses, or Google Sign-Ins. As such, teachers using Haiku Deck Classroom need an alternative for on-boarding from the standard methods.
This alternative requires students to have existing Haiku Deck Basic accounts at the time that they are added to the HD Classroom Management Dashboard. When an existing Haiku Deck account is added to Haiku Deck Classroom, it upgrades that account automatically, so the student will not need to click a link to activate/join the Haiku Deck Classroom. Rather, the student will see that their account is upgraded when they sign out and sign back into the app after the process below is complete.
Note, that if students have NO email address whatsoever, you will have to use a fictitious email address as their Haiku Deck user name. For example, "" will work as long as that fictitious email address doesn't already exist in our user database.  
The steps for adding students without email or Google Sign-In:
  1. If you've already added the impacted student(s) via the Haiku Deck Classroom Management Dashboard, remove them using the trash icon. You will have to add them back after they create their Haiku Deck Basic Accounts in the next step.
  2. Have each of your students sign up for Haiku Deck Basic using their email address **all lowercase** The reason we emphasize user names should be **all lowercase** letters is that Haiku Deck's user name system is CasE-SENsitive. An account created as (capital "U" and "E") would be treated as distinct from (all lowercase letters).
  3. *Then* return to HD Classroom and add them using their email address *all lowercase** via the Hiaku Deck Classroom Management Dashboard. 
  4. Have students sign out and sign back in to, making sure the students enter their user name **all lowercase**)
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