Why is Haiku Deck trying to charge my credit card?

From time to time we hear from customers who are curious about a charge or an attempted charge against their credit card. The cause of this confusion often relates to one of a few things:

  1. The user enrolled in a free trial and didn't cancel before the end of the free trial.  On the page where users sign up and in the email sent to users after sign up, as well as in Haiku Decks Terms of Service, we explain that cards will be charged automatically at the end of the trail unless the subscription is cancelled in advance of that date. 
  2. The user enrolled in a subscription and didn't cancel before the renewal happened. About a week before yearly subscriptions renew, Haiku Deck automatically sends a reminder email so that subscribers aren't surprised by the renewal charge. This email includes instructions for cancelling. Per the Haiku Deck Terms of Service, when a user cancels after the subscription renews, that cancellation applies to the *following* renewal period.
  3. The user chose to download a presentation during the trial period. Presentation download is not included as part of any Haiku Deck trials. This is explained on the page where users enter their credit card and in the follow-up email sent to trial users. If a user tries to download a presentation during the free trial they are prompted in the app to agree to end the trial and to have their card charged immediately. 
  4. A family member, friend, or co-worker created a Haiku Deck subscription using your credit card

As is standard practice with software subscriptions, cancellations made after the start of a subscription period apply to the *renewal* of the subscription. In other words, if you choose a yearly subscription and cancel after a month, the cancellation will take effect at the end of your one year subscription. If you choose a month-to-month subscription and cancel after two weeks, the subscription end after the month that you've paid for. For more information about our cancellation and other policies, please review the Haiku Deck Terms of Service.


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