How do I upload a PowerPoint to Haiku Deck?

Depending on your desired outcome, there are few different options for uploading a PowerPoint to Haiku Deck. 

If you want to get your existing PowerPoint presentation exactly as-is into your Haiku Deck account for viewing online and on iPad/iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your Original File
    1. If necessary, change page setup from widescreen (16:9) to on-screen show (4:3) aspect ratio. This is under the File/Page Setup menu in PowerPoint.
    2. Make sure any words or images are horizontally centered such that you have 50px of buffer on the left and right side of your slides
  2. Save your slides as images in PowerPoint. In Powerpoint, look for File/Export and then choose JPG or PNG as the File Format from the drop down. This will result in an image for each slide that you can upload to Haiku Deck in the next step.
  3. Create a new deck in Haiku Deck and, one-by-one, upload the images created in step 2 to your slides using the MY PICTURES button under the blue image tab.   

If you want to transform your existing PowerPoint into something that looks like a Haiku Deck: 

Try uploading your .pptx file through Haiku Deck Zuru, the blue button you'll see when you sign into the Haiku Deck web app. Zuru uses artificial intelligence to transform your presentation into a new .pptx file that is more beautiful. Note that at this time, when you start Zuru with a .pptx file, the results will not be saved to your Haiku Deck account for online/mobile viewing. When you choose the outline feature in Zuru, you can copy/paste your outline or type a new outline and go through the same transformation. Starting with an outline *will* save your finished deck in your Haiku Deck account. Learn more about Haiku Deck Zuru here.


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