Haiku Deck Collections (Folders) Frequently Asked Questions

What are Haiku Deck Collections?

Haiku Deck Collections are groups of Haiku Deck presentations that allow you to organize decks created either by you and/or other people. This feature is only available via the Haiku Deck web app. While collections can be viewed on mobile browsers, this feature is not yet supported via the Haiku Deck iPad or iPhone apps.

Who can create Haiku Deck Collections?

Anyone with a paid Haiku Deck subscription can create collections. Shared collections can be viewed by anyone with or without a Haiku Deck subscription.

What happens if I add a deck to a Haiku Deck Collection and the author later makes it private?

If a deck author changes the privacy setting on a deck to private, it will be removed from the Haiku Deck Collection. 

Why doesn't the deck I added to a Haiku Deck Collections show up?

Check the privacy setting on the deck. Private Decks will not appear in a Haiku Deck Collection unless they belong to you and you are signed in when you view the Haiku Deck Collection. In other words, you can add your own private decks to a gallery, but only you can see your private decks when signed in. 

How do I add my own Haiku Decks to a Haiku Deck Collection?

From the Haiku Deck Web site, look for the MY COLLECTIONS BUTTON. Click there and then follow the prompts on the Collections page.  

How do I find other people's Haiku Decks to add to a Haiku Deck Collection?

First, find the link to a Haiku Deck. You can do this by searching publicly shared Haiku Decks right from within the Collections page. First click MY COLLECTIONS then click New Collection (or Edit next to one of your existing collections). Look for the "Search" tab to enter your search term. You can also find decks by searching the Haiku Deck Gallery directly.   

How do I add Haiku Decks created by others to Haiku Deck Collections?

After following the steps above, you can click the Add to Gallery button to add search results to the collection. You can also use the "paste deck" tab to paste a URL of a deck that may have been shared with you through email or social media.   

What if I don't want other people to find the Haiku Deck Collection I create?

Collections are 'unlisted' by default. That means that others can't search for or find your gallery until/unless you share the link with them. Once you share the collection link with other people, they can view the collection. If you want the collection to stay private to you, do not share the link. If you want to remove your decks from a gallery, whether it belongs to you or not, change the privacy setting on your deck to private.   

How do I share a Haiku Deck Collection?

To share a collection, simply copy the URL for that collection and paste it into an email, chat, or social media post. 



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