Copying & Deleting Haiku Decks

Copying or deleting your own decks:

  • On the iPad, go to the Main Menu. Tap the gear in the top right corner of the deck, and then choose either the copy option or the delete option.

  • On the web, you can copy or delete decks from the MY DECKS page that you see right after you sign in at Hover your mouse over the deck you want to copy or delete and click the buttons shown in the illustration below.

  • You can also copy decks from the deck playback page. Visit the deck playback page for the deck and click the COPY DECK button shown beneath the slides. If you don't see the copy deck button, it's because the author hasn't made this deck available for copying.

  • If you copy a deck, it will be added as the most recent deck in your account. It may take a moment for the copied deck to be synced to your account.

  • If you choose to delete a deck, you will be prompted to see if you definitely want to delete that deck. This will delete the deck from your account entirely, so don't delete it if you might want to use it later!

  • To see this in action in a video, check out our app overview video here.

Copying other users' decks: 

To start, sign in at Then open a deck you'd like to copy. If you don't have a specific deck in mind, a good place to start would be in our template gallery or in another gallery. 

When you open a deck for viewing in a web browser, you'll notice a COPY DECK button (shown in illustration above). If you don't see that button, it means the deck's author has not enabled deck re-use. Clicking the  copy deck button when signed into Haiku Deck will begin the copy process. Then, the page will reload to your gallery, where you should see the deck amongst your decks. Go ahead and edit it!

Copying Decks: FAQ

I want to copy a deck but the button you described isn't showing up. What gives?

Not every user wants folks copying their decks. If that button doesn't show up, then that deck's author hasn't checked the box to allow their deck to be copied. If you know the author of the deck, you can always drop them a line and direct them to this article for steps to make their deck copyable.

How can I make my Haiku Decks copyable (or not)?

Public and restricted decks are copyable by default in Haiku Deck. When you're in edit mode, click or tap the lock icon to view privacy settings. Look for the "make deck available for re-use" check box to toggle this setting on/off.

If you want to make your decks copyable, make sure your deck is not private.

Which privacy settings will allow deck(s) to be copied / will restricted decks be copyable?

As long as the 'Allow reuse' checkbox mentioned in the last question in this article is checked, Restricted and Public decks can be copied. For more info about privacy settings, check out this article.

How to Collaborate by Using Deck Copy

The article at this link goes over the best ways to collaborate using Haiku Deck, since there are a few different approaches.

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