How to: Reinstall Haiku Deck (iOS)

If you need to reinstall Haiku Deck on your iPhone or iPad, it's super easy (the steps are below). However, if you're using Haiku Deck on the iPad, then you'll need to follow a few steps first to ensure that your decks are all backed up to the web in a way where they can sync back down onto your iPad once you reinstall the app. Check out this article to learn how to sync all of your decks.

Once you're ready to reinstall:

  1. Tap the round, plastic button on the front of the device (typically known as the ‘home button’) to return to your home screen.
  2. Press and hold the icon for any app until all of the icons start to wiggle.
  3. Tap the (X) icon in the top right corner of the Haiku Deck app icon.
  4. A prompt will come up letting you know that removing the app will also delete the data accompanying the app - meaning that when you reinstall it later, it will be factory-fresh. If that’s okay with you, proceed.
  5. Press your home button to make the icons stop wiggling. 
  6. Go to the App Store app, and search for Haiku Deck.
  7. Download Haiku Deck.
  8. Sign back into your account to sync your decks.
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