iPhone Presentation Mode Tutorial

This special tutorial will walk you through presenting your deck from your iPhone.


There are four ways to present your deck using your iPhone:

  1. Directly from your iPhone: This is ideal for sharing a Haiku Deck pitch or portfolio with a small group in an informal setting: At a coffee shop, across a table, on a plane, etc. Bonus: No special equipment needed!
  2. With a projector and a VGA adaptor: If your presentation will be projected to a larger audience, you can connect your iPhone directly with a VGA adaptor. (Tip: We recommend always bringing your own, and labeling it with your name!)
  3. With AppleTV: If your venue is equipped with AppleTV (or if you have your own), you can project right from your iPhone without being tethered by a cord.


Picture this: You’re up in front of the crowd; you’ve displayed your Twitter handle and the event hashtag on your first slide (nice going!), you’ve started talking, and all of a sudden the top of your screen starts blowing up with Twitter notifications. Trust us, you don’t want this. Here’s how to prevent it.

Go to your iPhone Settings, and turn Do Not Disturb ON. To be on the safe side, also turn the Notification Center OFF.

Entering and Exiting Present Mode

To preview or present your deck from the Main Screen, just tap on your deck. If you're holding your phone in portrait mode, upright, you'll see your slide on the top third of the screen and your private notes below it. If you rotate your phone to landscape mode, the long way, your slide will take up the whole screen. Be aware that only notes marked as private will appear when you hold your phone upright. More on notes here.

When you rotate your phone, the slides will pivot to full screen:

Tapping once on the screen will reveal several controls shown below. 

  • The MY DECKS button will return you to your gallery
  • The share icon (box with arrow pointing up) will bring up the sharing functions
  • The export icon (box with arrow pointing right) will bring up the download options
  • The ? button gives access to help
  • The pencil icon will open the deck in edit mode
  • To view Creative Commons license details, tap any slide, then tap the CC logo in the bottom right corner.

Advancing Slides

To present your work, simply swipe with your finger to advance your slides.

Tap For Emphasis

If your presentation includes bar charts and pie charts, your data will automatically display dynamically with a sleek animated effect. Tap the bars on bar charts or pie chart slices to highlight specific items as you discuss them.




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