Using Haiku Deck with LMS systems like Edmodo, Schoology, Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard and more

Tens of thousands of educators, schools, and districts use Haiku Deck with a wide variety of LMS systems such as Edmodo, Schoology, and Canva. There are a few ways that educators and students can share their work from Haiku Deck using these platforms.

  1. Copy/Paste a link to Haiku Decks directly to the LMS. This is a feature available to all Haiku Deck users, both paid and unpaid. To learn how to do this, click here. Note that copying the link from the address bar of the browser when you're in the Haiku Deck editor will not work. Only the link copied to the presentation playback page will be valid for other users wishing to view your deck.
  2. Upload a pdf. or .pptx file directly to the LMS. In order to export decks from Haiku Deck to .pdf or .pptx, users have to be on one of our paid plans- either Haiku Deck Pro or Haiku Deck Classroom. To learn how to use the export feature, click here.

To access these features, refer to the image below:



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