Viewing the Course Gallery

The Course Gallery is a page where students enrolled in a Course can post decks for convenient review. This page is only visible to the teacher unless the link to the Gallery page is shared by the teacher. Once the gallery link is shared, any member of the Haiku Deck Course with that link can view the gallery when signed in. Please note that only decks with privacy set to either restricted or public will appear in the gallery. To learn more about privacy settings, please refer to this article. Students can remove decks from a Course Gallery by setting the privacy on that deck to 'private.'

Here are the steps for retrieving the link to the Course Gallery:

1) The Classroom account holder (usually the teacher) must first sign in via After doing so, choose MY CLASSROOM from the menu under your name in the top right.

2) When the Classroom Dashboard loads, look for the blue 'get link' button next to the course. (shown below)

3) Copy this link using Ctrl+C on Windows or Command+C on Mac. 

4) Then paste this link into a new browser window or tab to open the course gallery.

If you wish to share this link via email, LMS system, or in any other way please remember that anyone in the Course with the link can view the Course Gallery when signed into Haiku Deck.


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