How to Resolve Top Issues with Haiku Deck

The most common issues with Haiku Deck can be easily resolved. Here's a short guide to help: 

I can't figure out how to use Haiku Deck

Have you seen our Getting Started Guide? If you prefer videos, check our collection of how-to videos that show how to use the app.

I need more control over the font, font size, layout of my slides

One way to extend the flexibility of Haiku Deck is to use the editable pptx Export function which allows you to change fonts, font size, layouts, and more after the export. Learn how here.

I can't sign in

This can usually be fixed by checking the capitalization of the user name (Haiku Deck user names are CaSE-SensitIvE). Trouble-shoot here.


There are <div>, <font>, or <p> codes appearing on my slides

Learn how to fix this problem here


My presentations are gone

As you're working in Haiku Deck, your work should automatically save to our servers in the cloud. Most of the time that work goes missing, it's because the user has more than one account with us. They're signed in under one user name, create their work, and then sign back in under a *different* user name and are alarmed to see their that decks are gone. When this is the case, we just have to find the account under which your work is saved. Here' are some steps for trouble-shooting.

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