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PowerPoint File Download

A lot of the time, folks need to download or export their Haiku Decks to PowerPoint or Keynote so that they can present offline, add specific timing, use a remote, etc. Thankfully, exporting to PowerPoint is super easy from either the Web App or the iPad, and even carries along the Creative Commons license information for any background images you use in the image search! 

There are a few ways to do this... From within the app, either the web or iOS:

1.  Click / tap the Export button, shown here:



2. Next choose between PPTX or *editable* PPTX.

When you choose PPTX, your individual slides are exported as images embedded in a .pptx file. This is the fastest, easiest way to get your slides out of Haiku Deck looking exactly the same. No fonts to install, no worry that your slides will look different when you open on another computer. If you wish to edit the words or change the layout of individual slides, you'll have to return to Haiku Deck and export again.

The Editable PPTX option gives you the flexibility to edit each slide after the export. Reasons to consider this option:

  • You want to swap Haiku Deck fonts for your own company font
  • You want to move text elements around after the export
  • You want to add animations or slide-builds to your deck
  • You think you might want to make minor changes to the exported file

For editable export slides to look similar after the export, you'll need to download and install free open-source fonts on the computer where you open the file.

When you export editable pptx, you'll notice that on the first slide of the export, there will be instructions and links to install the relevant fonts. If you want to get a jump on things, here are all of the Haiku Deck fonts in one place:

Please follow the instructions below to ensure the best results:

  1. Download the font zip file by clicking this link
    Double-click on the zip file to unzip
  2. Find the uncompressed zip file in your download folder and double-click each of the 27 fonts. Follow the prompts to install each font.
  3. If you have PowerPoint open already, completely quit out of PowerPoint and reboot your computer
  4. Reopen PowerPoint to revel in the beauty of your downloaded Haiku Deck

Once these fonts are installed, you don't have to do it again for that machine. If you share the deck with a colleague or friend using a different machine, they *will* have to install the fonts on their machine. One alternative is to share a .pdf which will not be editable, but *will* maintain the look and feel of the deck without additional font installing.

3.  iPad: The Mail app will open for you to send the exported file as an attachment via email.  Send it to an email address you can access on the computer you'll be presenting from.  (If the deck is too large to email, you may have to retrieve it from your iPad via iTunes with the steps here.) Web: The PowerPoint file will download automatically after a moment and save to the standard location for downloads in your browser.  

Downloading from MY DECKS Page

When you sign in at you will notice a download option next to each of the decks on your MY DECKS page. As the animation below shows, you can download from here too.


Downloading from Playback Page

 You can also download decks from the playback page using the download button shown below. When you click this button you will be prompted to sign in or sign up for Haiku Deck. Downloading requires a paid Haiku Deck Pro subscription.


You can save your deck as a PDF very easily with the following steps:

1. Click or tap the Export button for your deck (square with arrow pointing to the right). 

2. Choose PDF. 

This is an easy way to print your decks.  Your Public Notes will appear below your slides in the printout, so it's a great way to make a handout for your presentation.  For more info on how to enrich your content with Public Notes, check out our blog post here.

Download Samples

To see samples of the download file types, please see the files attached to this article. 


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