Haiku Deck for iPhone Edit Mode Quick Reference

The illustration below shows the main controls in the Haiku Deck editor.

  • To share decks, look for the share icon in the top left. More on sharing controls in this article.
  • To download decks, look for the export (box with arrow pointing to the right). This is a paid feature available to subscribers of Haiku Deck Pro. When you export a file from Haiku Deck for iPhone, it opens your email application and places the exported file (.pdf or .pptx) as an attachment to an email. More on export functionality here.
  • To change privacy settings on your Haiku Decks, click the lock icon in the top center. Note that all Haiku Decks are public by default. If you wish to make decks private so that they remain invisible to search engines or prying eyes, you may do so as a Haiku Deck Pro subscriber. More on privacy settings here.
  • To enter playback mode, click the button with the triangle on it. Note that if you hold your phone in landscape mode, the slide playback will be in full-screen. If you hold your phone upright in portrait mode, you will see your slide and any notes that accompany your slide. 
  • To add a new slide, click the '+' button in the bottom right. 
  • To change the slide type, use the red Tt button. 
  • To add an image, solid color, or chart background, use the blue background button.
  • To change the layout of your slide, use the green layout button.
  • To add slide notes, look for the yellow notes button. Note that you can use speech-to-text on the notes field by tapping the microphone button on the keyboard after you tap on the notes text field. 
  • If you want to minimize the slide tray at any time, just tap the slide try minimization button shown below.



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