Get Started With Haiku Deck Classroom

If you're just joining Haiku Deck Classroom, here's what to do next!


  1. Set up your Course(s): As an account holder, you may create as many courses as you want either manually or by importing them from Google Classroom. (more)
  2. Add students to your Course(s): To add students to your course, you again can do this manually or via our integration with Google Classroom. You may add and remove students any time throughout the subscription period. When you remove students, it frees up seats for additional students that you may wish to add in the future. (more)
  3. Remove students from your Course(s): When your course ends, you may choose to delete a classroom or manually remove students to make room in your account for new students. Note that when you remove a student from your Classroom account or when your subscription ends, students may lose some of the privileges afforded to them as a member of your paid Classroom account. (more)
  4. Access your Course Gallery: The Haiku Deck Classroom dashboard gives you the ability to retrieve your unique Course Gallery link. Students can choose to share decks to your gallery where you can view them, but student decks will not automatically be saved there. Anyone with the Course Gallery link may view decks submitted to the gallery. (more)

If you have questions about Classroom not addressed here, check our Haiku Deck Classroom FAQ.

If you’re brand new to Haiku Deck and looking to first understand the app, here's a 2 minute video that explains what we do and shows some basics. If you ever get lost in the app, look for the “?” to access quick help. We also offer a detailed user guide. ​

Educators in over 15,000 schools around the world use Haiku Deck to teach memorable lessons, inspire students, run meetings, and share information with colleagues.Here are just a few inspiring examples:

For even more inspiring examples check out our education board on Pinterest. To connect with others in our creative community, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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